Senior Filmmakers Present "Urban Combat" Short Today at 12pm

An original video created by River Dell students will air this Saturday on MSG Varsity's Student Director's Cut at 12pm

This weekend, River Dell High School seniors Eric Fakharzadeh and Dominic Dickson will present their original video "Leftovers: Urban Combat" on MSG Varsity Channel 14, Saturday 12pm.

The short video will be aired during MSG Varsity’s Student Director’s Cut as one of seven student directed videos.

“Leftovers: Urban Combat” is a segment that takes video games a step further. When one student shows up at his friends house so they can join another friend to play video games, he finds his friend hiding in a leaf pile, covered in camouflage. The entire walk to the other friend’s house the boy in camouflage is behaving as though enemies are going to jump out at them, and he is hiding behind trees, cars or whatever else he finds. When they arrive at the third friend’s house, the friend not in camouflage is denied entry into the house because he’s not wearing camouflage. The two in camo proceed inside where they play video games.

"Leftovers: Urban Combat" was also published through RDTV's Youtube Channel and will be available for on-demand viewing on Optimum Channel 614 and online at msgvarsity.com after Saturday.

Prior RDTV student-produced videos aired on MSG Varsity's Student Director's Cut have included "Tough Nerds" by Korey Loehr and Troy Hughes, "Leftovers: Hawk Walking" by Jane Murphy and Pete Muccia, and "School Spirit" by Greg Stengel and Korey Loehr.


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