"School Spirit" Airs on MSG Varsity Saturday

River Dell seniors video will be broadcast this weekend

Two weeks ago, River Dell juniors Jane Murphy and Pete Muccia had their video Leftovers: Hawk Walking broadcast on MSG Varsity’s High School Life. This weekend, regional seniors Greg Stengel and Korey Loehr will present their video, School Spirit, on Saturday 12pm. 

High School Life is a student-produced monthly show that presents student created videos and features ranging from academics to art to events.

Loehr and Stengel's segment features students describing what makes River Dell such a great school. From school pride, to the feeling that everyone at the school is a family, viewers will get the sense that River Dell High School is a place where students can excel at whatever they choose, while being accepted by their peers.

“Part of our mission at MSG Varsity is to help educate students about television production through our media creation program,” said Michael Lardner, Executive Producer and Senior Vice President of MSG Varsity. “Our student-produced shows give us a platform to showcase what kids are learning and accomplishing in those classes.”

Loehr previously appeared on MSG Varsity last February with production "Tough Nerds" with Troy Hughes in the “Student Director’s Cut” 

School Spirit is one of 10 videos that will appear on MSG Varsity, Optimum Channel 14, on Saturday at 12pm.

It will also be available online at www.msgvarsity.com after it has aired on Saturday and on-demand on Optimum Channel 614.


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