Regional District Seeks Eight Teaching Positions With New Budget

While levy reaches 2% cap, tax impact on residents is .91% following loss of debt service

For the first time in several years, the will be looking in to bring in a substantial number of new teaching positions, a total of eight, under the proposed 2012-13 school budget.

A vast difference from two years ago when the Regional district lost all of its state aid, River Dell is expected to receive $632,193 in . Another difference in the proposed $30,064629 budget and $26,016,756 levy is a drop-off in the district's debt service which will reduce the tax impact on residents.

"The levy is at the 2% cap, but the overall impact on the taxpayers is .91% due to debt service falling off," Board Administrator Thomas Bonfiglio said. "The direct impact on residents is a 1.9% increase."

With debt service falling off and an increase in state aid, the district is planning on hiring eight new teachers for September ranging from physical education to special education to mathematics or a professional development coordinator. According to Superintendent Patrick Fletcher, the exact nature of the positions will be determined once class schedules are completed for September 2012.

"the overall goal is to redce class sizes, create greater opportunities in the core classes and electives, which could result in better test scores," Fletcher said. "We could create additional sections leading from one level to another."

The rest of the budget maintains all current programming including middle school athletics which had faced the chopping block in prior years.

For an Oradell resident with the average assessed home of $531,810, there is a projected increase of $41. River Edge residents with the average assessed home of $436,000 will see an increase of $33 annually.

The public hearing is scheduled for March 26, 8pm at .

Michael Jordan March 03, 2012 at 01:35 PM
I see you will be climbing the ladder again, new pensions,heath benefits what about going forward in the future?Save the money for 8 teachers and play down some of the debt!You people get a few bucks in your pocket and you just have to spend it or you will burn a hole in your pocket or you may not be as lucky next year. MJ!
catnap25 March 03, 2012 at 11:17 PM
Thank goodness--more teachers. Nothing makes more of a difference to a school. As for the comment above, the writer has no idea how little teachers really make.
maxedout March 04, 2012 at 09:25 PM
It's not how little teachers really make, it's the value of the total package. Take the 2 new police officers hired in River Edge. Their salary starts at dismal $27,775 but with combined benefits you are looking at $44,285. $16,510 for benefits. So if new teacher hires are in the same ball park you're looking at $354,280/year which is over 50% of the state aid. I think this is where the burn a hole in the pocket comes from and I kinda agree....Is the one laptop per student contract over yet??


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