Approved Budget Calls for $68 Increase

With no April election this year, the finalized school budget received approval Wednesday night

With the , the formally approved the $14.6 million budget for the 2012-13 school year. The budget calls for an increase of $68 per household on the average assessed value of $436,000.

Initially the district first presented a preliminary budget at the end of January which called for the , but following an  the positions were restored and approximately $75,000 is proposed to be set aside for capital reserve projects.

"This enables us to restore one full-time position [a discovery room teacher] and in addition allows us to restore a part-time gifted and talented position," Superintendent Dr. Tova Ben Dov said.

The part-time Gifted and Talented position's hours are not yet set but could potentially be run three times a week or a few hours each day. According to Ben Dov, the plan is to still have specific science enrichment and utilizing the literacy coach for language arts enrichment in coordination with the gifted and talented position.

Overall the $14.681,901 budget calls for a $13,243,350 tax levy at the state mandated 2% cap. Also included in the budget is $21,213 for technology equipment and plans for a .

"The roofing over the front of  is estimated at $210,000 to replace," Board Administrator Debbie Trainor said regarding what the capital reserve could be used for. "That roof realistically would need to be done within the next five years. By putting the $75,000 into capital reserve now, it could be used to offset the amount needed in the 2013-14 budget.

The approved budget takes effect July 1.


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