Additional Classes Now Offered at River Dell

High school students can now choose from extra courses in mathematics, finance and sports management

For the second half of the 2012-13 school year, River Dell students will now have an additional six courses to choose from when they create their schedules.

The district approved new classes in Statistics, Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry, Math Plus—Algebra, SUPA Principles & Contemporary Issues in Sport Management, SUPA Introduction to Personal Finance and Personal Financial Management.

"When we add courses to the high school, it doesn't necessarily mean the will run or be filled," Superintendent Patrick Fletcher said. In the past, higher level courses such as Honors Pre-Calc and Organic Chemistry could not run during a specific year due to a lack of enrollment. "We have plenty of SUPA courses that do not run on a regular basis due to enrollment."

A SUPA course is part of the Syracuse University Project Advance program that provides high school students with the opportunity to take Syracuse University courses in their own schools during the regularly scheduled school day.

The addition of two new SUPA courses allows for the replacement of a regular education sports management course as well as complying with a new state regulation for a financial literacy course.

"Statistics and advanced algebra are currently offered as one course," Fletcher said. "This allows us to separate into two courses and add Math Plus - Algebra."

The added algebra course is meant for students that struggle in mathematics and would be taken as a support course in connection with a regular algebra class.

While the SUPA financial course is restricted to juniors and seniors, the personal financial management class will be open to sophomores.

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