Proposed Madison Gardens Set to be Rentals

An application to construct a 14-Unit multiple dwelling on Madison Avenue in New Milford is set to be rental based

The New Milford Zoning Board began the hearing on the application for property located at 391 Madison Avenue, Tuesday. The plans call for the with parking under the building. Because the land is currently zoned for residential use, the applicant is requesting variances from the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

The applicant, Alex and Sons Real Estate Investments, is seeking a use-variance to construct Madison Gardens--14 one and two bedroom multiple dwellings on property zoned for one-family single unit dwelling. Additionally, variances for building height, building coverage and front yard are needed.

Carmine Alampi, attorney for the applicant, said that the height is actually two stories, not three. However, because of the slope of the land, it appears to be three stories when looked at from the back of the property because the parking garage is exposed.

"From the front of the property on Madison Avenue, it's two-stories," Alampi said.

Alampi acknowledged that the property has areas of wetlands and told the Board that prior to the filing of the application, the developer spent over one year working to obtain DEP approvals and permits.

"We did receive the DEP approval and permits," Alampi said.

When asked by the Board if the units would be 'for sale' condominiums or rental units, Alampi said that they would most likely be rental units, "at least in the initial stages."

According to Alampi, in the current climate, there is no market for condominiums because bank financing is very tight.

The applicant is asking for variances for the following:

  • The applicant is proposing a height of 38.65ft where 30ft height is permitted.
  • The applicant is proposing a three-story building where two-and-a half stories are permitted. 
  • Applicant is proposing building coverage of 21 percent where 18 percent is permitted.
  • Applicant is proposing 46.625ft where 55ft from the center line of street is permitted

The hearing on this application is continued to Tuesday, March 12.


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