Transit Village Project Timeline Pushed Back

The NJ Transit and River Edge dual project will proceed, but has been delayed

It has been seven months since the full River Edge Council heard an on the Transit Village project between the borough and New Jersey Transit. Council liaison John Cannon met with NJT back in December to interview six interested developers.

"Each company had the opportunity to review the redevelopment plan," Cannon said. "These were very preliminary presentations but there were a lot of similar themes."

The Transit Village project has a proposed three mixed-use buildings consisting of 130 residential units, about 35,000 square feet of retail space, 70,000 square feet of office space and a parking garage for up to 900 vehicles near the New Bridge Landing train station, near Kinderkamack Road and Grand Avenue.

According to Cannon, the main issue that was brought up was the proposed parking garage on site for 900 vehicles. The six developers had expressed concerns about the cost of the parking garage. The second concern dealt with the size of the building, a proposed 14 stories which would require concrete which is costly. 

"With the residential component, all of them pretty much had some issues with our redevelopment plan that was done in 2007 and called for a much larger building," Cannon said. "All of them mentioned that a six story building would be the most feasibly in this economy. They also felt that the retail/commercial aspects of the plan, were not aggressive, but not feasible in the present economy, especially with the proximity to Paramus."

The scale of the project may be adjusted to potentially remove the parking garage and minimize the size of the building down to six stories.

According to Cannon, additional concerns raised during the interview process is the property's proximity to Coles Brook, being located in a flood plain and the current railroad track layout.

Since the interviews in December, the six developers were shortlisted down to four companies. The short list includes Jonathan Rose, Avalon Bay, LCOR, and the Richman Group.

Going forward, a Request for Proposals will be sent to the final four developers by the end of the month. After that a second round of interviews and presentations will be held between Cannon and representatives from NJ Transit, who will then narrow the pool down to two developers. The final two developers could give a public presentation sometime later this year.

REResident June 07, 2011 at 12:20 PM
Development of a Transit Village is questionable for the south end of RE for anytime whether the economy is good or bad. As the article writes, with the proximity to Paramus, businesses in this area will be limited to local traffic. Plus more residential units? Are you kidding me? The schools are to the max, according to recent events. Will RE be required to add to the school again? It's no wonder Oradell wants a change in school funding. We all want development but we need to proceed intelligently. BTW, has the town's Masterplan been revised or looked at recently?
Todd vandeweghe December 17, 2012 at 05:06 PM
Now is the time to consider flooding in the area. We need to be smarter than New Milford in what we allow. How about 3 stories. 1st level parking 2nd level office retail, 3rd level residential. Taller buildings may require new firefighting equiptment. More residential will have school impact. How many stores do we need on Kinderkamack Rd and the surrounding area?


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