Park Avenue Rezoning Ordinance Vote Coming in November

Local developer Joe Colecko had requested a conditional use zone change to build duplexes on Park Avenue and an ordinance to allow that will be introduced and voted on next month

Before the end of the year, developer Joe Colecko may just get his wish to construct a pair of duplexes on Park Avenue as the River Edge Mayor and Council will introduce a condition use zone change for the street.

Colecko and attorney Thomas Barrett appeared before the governing body at the end of September to request the change. Borough attorney Sam Cereste had been working on a draft ordinance since beginning this month and it will be introduced at the Nov. meeting.

The conditional use change would be implemented across 22 properties on Park Avenue but a duplex development could only be constructed on a lot measuring 7500-square-foot or larger.

Colecko's design plan calls for a pair of two-and-a-half story duplexes with each side of the duplex including a one car garages. The duplexes would most likely have three bedrooms and storage space behind the garage. Preliminary plans also call for a rear deck.

Barrett previously estimated that the dupluxes could be marketed at $400,000 which would generate $14,000 in taxes per home, $28,000 per lot.

According to Cereste, the buildings would have a maximum height of 30 feet from the ground to the roofline, be limited to two and a half stories and the garage would count as a single story.

Each driveway would not exceed 16 feet wide and a three foot landscape buffer will be included to separate the two driveways.

The Mayor and Council will next meet on Nov. 5, 7pm in Council Chambers.

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ggt October 26, 2012 at 01:44 PM
$400K for half a house on a dumpy block backing up to the train, with a 14K tax bill!!! I am sure buyers will be all over these things.


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