Oradell Waives Permit Fees, Post Sandy

Homeowners who need to repair their homes, post Hurricane Sandy, can receive permission to not pay any permit fees

As residents continue to return to a more normal routine following Hurricane Sandy, Oradell has announced that the borough will waive any permit fees for repairs and reconstruction due to damage sustained by Sandy.

"As we continue to clean up from Hurricane Sandy, we take note of the damage home owners might have endured to their properties due to the storm," Councilman Tony Meo said. "The Mayor and Council have passed a resolution to help ease the process of getting back to "normal" for residents after Sandy. Every little bit helps and we are happy waive the fees to obtain a permit to repair or reconstruct any of this damage." 

The ordinance follows a precedent that the governing body has utilized in the past to suspend building permit fees after the borough has been hit by damaging storms.

All plans will have to be approved by the Building Department prior to construction, at which point Construction Official Stephen Depken can waive the permit fees so long as the work is related to repairs caused by Hurricane Sandy.

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