Open Space Funding to Focus on Park Maintenance

Proposal calls for Open Space Funding to cover Recreation employee and park maintenance

Under a new proposal by River Edge Councilman Alphonse Bartelloni, the bulk of the would be set aside for park maintenance attendant Carl Etter's salary and to cover the overtime costs by the for park maintenance.

"Rather than allocate $5,000 to Mr. Etter, I would suggest we allocate his full salary of $7,031 and $8,000 for the overtime maintenance of parks," Bartelloni said. "This would remove the two items from our overall budget."

A previous recommendation by Borough Administrator Alan Negreann called for $5,000 to be set aside for Etter's salary and $9,000 for park maintenance. The borough has $23,000 total in the 2012 Open Space Trust Fund.

Recreation Director Bobbi Conway had previously called Etter her right hand man. As the park attendant, he is tasked with walking the parks and notifying officials of any damage to helping clean the area.

Additional requests for this year's Open Space Funding is $2,500 for Beautification Committee to place planters at 140 Kinderkamack Road; $700 to the 9/11 Commission for the Memorial Gardens, and $7,000 from Shade Tree to the .

LeAnn P. February 08, 2012 at 07:49 PM
Am I reading this correctly? We are giving a borough employee a 40 PERCENT increase in salary with OPEN SPACE FUNDS? In no way am I suggesting the man does not do a good job, though my only experience with field conditions is at Roosevelt school (used for girls softball) over the years. Those two fields remain FAR from optimal for our girls to play on. Any one of you can give me the argument that open space funding is "allowable under the law" for maintenance of our parks by our park maintencance attendant AND our DPW, but it should not be allowed under the SPIRIT and intention of the fund. Using the funds for salaries was never in my mind when I voted yes previously. Call me naiive and ignorant, but I though OPEN SPACE funds were for providing and caring for open space, not a kind of slush fund to help pay salaries. A yes vote from me on future open space referendums will be a tough sell.
Alphonse Bartelloni February 08, 2012 at 08:24 PM
The article is a little misleading. On Monday night we discussed how to allocate the remaining Open Space Funds from prior years. No decisions, one way or another, were made. And no this particualr employee is not getting a raise through Open Space Funds.
LeAnn P. February 08, 2012 at 09:06 PM
Thanks for the info, A.B.


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