OPD Promotion Process Nears Final Outline

The proposed ordinance will be voted on at the end of January and then amended later this year to include the ranks of Detective and Detective Sgt.

With several rank-and-file leadership positions open in the Oradell Police Department, the borough is nearing completion of its own police promotion ordinance, to outline the department's requirements for advancement.

The ordinance outlines the process for officers to be elevated to the rank of sergeant, lieutenant, captain and chief and will be voted on later this month for approval. The ranks of detective and detective sergeant will be added in the spring.

"Generally up until this point, the promotional process in the department has been guided by an unofficial set of rules and regulations that were drafted by the police themselves," Council President Jim Koth said. Koth is also the borough liaison to the police department. "This process would outline how officers can expect to move through the ranks and have ample opportunity for promotion."

As promotions become available, the Chief of Police will post a promotional announcement in the department along with a list of all eligible officers. Any interested candidates would then be advised to notify the Chief of their participation in the process. Any officers that may be on extended leave or vacation would be notified as well regarding the opening.

"Every rank in the PBA contract and Table of Organization are contained in here, whether we fill that position or not," Koth said. " We have not moved forward with any promotions other than chief since this process began. This is about creating a fair, equitable process for officers to move into these positions."

To be eligible for promotion to sergeant, an officer must have first served as a patrolman for five years. Sergeant's can move up to lieutenant after one year and to captain after one year as a lieutenant. Officers who have served as a sergeant for eight years or a lieutenant or captain for one year are eligble to advance to the role of Chief.

The Oradell Police Table of Organization calls for one Chief, one Captain, one Lieutenant, five Sergeants, one Detective Sergeant, one Detective and 13 patrolmen.

The department is currently lacking a Captain, two Sergeant's and one Detective and to promote to fill any of those positions, would drop the number of patrolmen from its current 14-man roster.

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