Master Plan Review May Allow for More LG-Style Buildings Near Palisades

Opponents of the controversial LG headquarters near the Palisades say Englewood Cliffs is considering Master Plan changes that could allow for other high-rise developments along the cliffs.

Locals who oppose a planned LG headquarters in Englewood Cliffs say they are planning to attend a public hearing Wednesday night that could change the zoning laws on land surrounding the Palisades cliffs.

Controversy has surrounded a proposed plan for a new LG headquarters in the borough that would be 143-feet high. Opponents say the building would change the landscape of the area and the natural view of the Palisades.

According to a NorthJersey.com report, the borough approved a variance in 2012 that allowed for the building. The current zoning laws only allow for 35-foot tall buildings, the report said.

However, the borough’s planning board is hosting a Master Plan Meeting Wednesday night that LG project opponents say could change the rule for good.

“We need everyone who cares about the Palisades to let Englewood Cliffs, a town of just 5,281 people, know it can't ruin the Palisades for the millions who treasure it,” a post on the “Protect the Palisades” website says.

“A changed master plan would not only allow for LG's tower, but it would also open the door for more high-rise development along the Palisades.”

Wednesday’s meeting comes after a statewide attempt to halt the LG project.

According to NorthJersey.com, two state senators introduced a bill this week that would prohibit buildings along the Palisades Cliffs that are taller than 35 feet. The bill would retroactively apply to any building that does not have a foundation built by May 1, which includes the LG HQ, the report said.

LG spokespeople told NorthJersey.com that the bill’s sponsors are ignoring the economic benefits of the building and jobs that it would bring to Bergen County.

The Senate Environment and Energy Committee is set to consider the legislation on May 19.

Joe Montini May 03, 2014 at 12:33 PM
LG can build LOWER ( 35', the way it has been respected for 100 years) and have the same number of JOBS (the win win solution). The construction workers want to go to work either way (at the meeting they told us they could support a lower design), BUT LG and Mayor Parisi insist on the 143' tower that would look like a giant middle finger all the way north and west to the Ramapo Mountains, and all the way east to the people on the north shore of Long Island. It'll be like taking a giant dump on the Palisades. The 143' foot tower (eight 18' stories) will be 80' feet over the tree line. LG will take advantage of a National Historic Landmark (a world monument and a national natural landmark) by juxtaposing the view (the beautiful Palisades and the Hudson River) with the LG tower (with the LG logo in blinking neon red lights on top of the tower) to concoct a genius advertisement scheme ! (NEGATORY) The other reason why they won't budge is because their CEOs will have a one of a kind impressive view of the Palisades, the GWB and the NYC skyline to impress themselves and their clients. Pats on your own back are in order you goons! When the NJ State Legislature approves the bill to stop this nonsense, it will be up to (guess who?) Mister Chris (Soprano) Christie to sign it into law, and everyone knows at this point he wants to save his own ass. We'll see what the bully will do. Boycott LG and Boycott Englewood Cliffs' businesses and sign the petition (which by the way is nearing 5000 signatures) www.protectthepalisades.org Do the right thing LG and Mayor Parisi.


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