Low Generator Bid Advances River Edge Project

A higher powered generator will be installed in the coming months to cover the police station and borough hall

With hurricane season creeping closer to River Edge, a lower than anticipated bid for a  to power  and the will advance the project forward.

Out of four bids that were received, Vanore Electric Inc of Teterboro came in with the lowest option at $188,509 which was below the expected $190,000 estimated cost for the larger generator. The borough  for a smaller 175-kilowatt generator for the police station as well.

According to Councilman Edward Mignone, project engineer Kenneth DelPercio has thrown his support behind the bid and believes the council should go forward with this project and install one generator for both buildings.

"On August 6, the council will be presented with a formal resolution to make this award," Borough Administrator Alan Negreann said.

The three remaining bids that were received were well above $200,000.

To install a generator to cover both buildings, the generator itself would be located in the parking area outside of borough hall but would require a lengthy shut down of power to both buildings by PSE&G during installation. The overall cost of $190,000 includes placing a service disconnect switch and automatic transfer switch on the exterior of borough hall.

The power shutdown for installation could take between four to six hours, but the work would be done overnight so as to not interrupt services. The police department would be running in the current 45-kilowatt generator during the change over.

"There will be an issue with timing to get PSE&G involved for the gas installation," Mignone said. 

Currently during power outages the two buildings are powered by a 45-kilowatt generator, but more often than not the generator can not handle the borough's needs. Funding for the new generator was set aside in this year's .

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NO TO TAX HIKE August 01, 2012 at 05:28 PM
Did anyone check the background of the bidders and the relationship with the engineer. How did the borough ensure confidentiality of the preojected cost.
Mike August 14, 2012 at 02:13 AM
Dear Mr. Bartelloni, please strive, if this generator project comes to fruition, to find a way to make it look somewhat attractive upon installation. As a River Edge resident who lives real close to the fire house and municipal building, I, and others, have had the unfortunate fate of witnessing a pretty horrid 'ecofriendly' lighting strategy turn the fire house and the municipal building into a real eyesore. (Yes, years ago, the lights were incandescent type behind sconces that actually made the brick look pretty good - think Georgetown). In a few areas where there were some trees and bushes living, they were removed and replaced with gravel beds. I can't figure for the life of me where such a generator would actually sit. In the police parking lot? Close to Tenney Ave.? I get the feeling that those who occupy the municipal building and make decisions on our behalf have little, if any, idea of the impact they create on others from an aesthetic viewpoint. My letters and emails to the prior council and mayor where pretty much met with apathy and listlessness. Is there something I can do to really become an agent of change?
Alphonse Bartelloni August 14, 2012 at 02:30 AM
My understanding is the generator will be tucked inside the police parking lot and not very visible from the street. Whatever is visible I believe some plants will go there. It is not on the Tenney Avenue side.
Mike August 14, 2012 at 03:06 AM
Thank you for your prompt reply. Appreciated. However, upon what I believe would be a closer inspection (and we are indeed comparing apples with apples) would reveal we are putting this device IN the parking lot. A typical diesel 250KW generator has a footprint of about 10L x 6W x 5H feet and occupy a parking space. A few plants? I'm sorry, but I don't concur. Again I would only hope those who occupy the municipal building could feel the impact their decisions have on those who live next to the building. And with those nice bright 'ecofriendly' lights that burn ALL NIGHT LONG shining on that new necessity. Sorry for the tone, but my tone is no more harsh than such decisions.
NO TO TAX HIKE August 29, 2012 at 05:17 PM
Dear Eamon, don't tell us that $190,000 was spent for the generator shown in this article!! All in all, the borough will be better prepared, I guess, but what about the residents? Can the Borough of RE monitor or at least influence PSE&G to monitor the areas/streets that took extra long periods/days to recover, or that experienced more frequent black-out and put together a plan for improvements/risk reduction. More tree pruning, updating poles and wires and other devices, etc.


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