Changes at Voting Locations in Ridgewood, Glen Rock

Six of Ridgewood's polling locations have moved on election day. Two have relocated in Glen Rock.

In the shadow of Hurricane Sandy, voters in Ridgewood and Glen Rock will take to the polls on Tuesday.

Polls will be open in both towns from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. There have been several changes in where people will be voting due to power outages. 

In Ridgewood, if you normally vote at: 

  • B.F. you'll vote at Hawes
  • Glen School you'll vote at Fire Dept. Headquarters
  • Hawes you'll vote at Hawes
  • G.W. you'll vote at G.W.
  • Library you'll vote at Fire Dept. headquarters
  • Orchard you'll vote at Orchard
  • RHS you'll vote at Somerville
  • Somerville you'll vote at Somerville
  • Travell you'll vote at Hawes
  • Willard you'll vote at G.W.

In Glen Rock, if you normally vote at:

  • Central School you'll vote at Central School
  • Borough Hall, you'll vote at Borough Hall
  • Hamilton School you'll vote at Hamilton School
  • GRMS/GRHS you'll vote at Hamilton School
  • Coleman School, you'll vote at Central School

To view a map of Glen Rock voting districts, click here. For more information on voting in Glen Rock, click here.

Ridgewood residents should check out this link for further information.


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