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Rock Out with the PBA and Donate to the First Responder's Memorial

PBA seeks sponsors, donors for First Responder's Memorial

With a location finalized for the outside of , PBA Local 201 is now turning its attention to raising funding toward the installation of the .

"In honor of the 10th Anniversary of September 11th, River Edge PBA Local 201 spearheaded a project to secure a piece of steel from the World Trade Center to create a memorial for those emergency responders and civilians who died that fateful day," REPD Officer Joseph Zematies said.

The upcoming PBA fundraiser will include performances by coverband The Nerds during a beefsteak dinner on April 18, 6pm at St. Peter Academy. The all-you-can-eat event includes a Trick Tray and 50/50 raffle.

"Our last fundraiser benefit we did was a huge success, and we are looking to make this one a success as well," Zematies said.

Back on a rainy day in October, members from the were joined by the , and to travel to JFK Airport and transport the I-beam, draped it in an American flag, back to River Edge. The beam was donated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

In , Sgt. Curt Wilhelm and Officer Marc Abate presented their proposal, designed by local business , to create the Memorial outside of . The Mayor and Council gave a to place the Memorial outside Borough Hall.

"Five of our residents were lost that day with countless other friend and family members of River Edge residents," Zematies said. "Numerous volunteers from our Volunteer Fire Department and Ambulance Service responded that day to assist in any way possible. River Edge is a small, family-oriented town, where everyone comes together for the betterment of it. This is another way to honor all emergency personnel and civilians who passed."

Jennifer FialkoTodd OuidaScott RohnerChristopher Allingham and Bon Seok Koo were all in the World Trade Center on 9/11 and several family members of each still reside in the borough. Prior to receiving the steel I-beam, the PBA reached out to each family first to determine their feelings. Overall the families approved of the beam coming to River Edge.

Tickets for the benefit event on April 18 are $60 per person and can be purchased by contacint the River Edge PBA Local 201 by calling 201-599-6279 or mailing a check payable to the PBA with WTC in the memo to: PBA Local 201 PO Box 201, River Edge NJ 07661.

All procceds from the event will be used toward the First Responder's Memorial. Any excess funds will be donated to the local scholarship funds in honor of those residents lost during 9/11.


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