REPD Welcomes Third Rookie to Department

Vincent Ariano of Dumont is the third rookie patrol officer to join the River Edge Police Department in 2012

With heavy retirement around the corner, the River Edge Police Department had something to celebrate as Dumont-native Vincent Ariano became the department's third rookie of the year. He was officially sworn in on Monday night.

"It's been my pleasure to know Vincent and the Ariano family for a number of years," REPD Chief Thomas Cariddi said. "Once question I know Vincent's parents have always been asked is how he turned out so well. They have usually responded ' I don't kniw, just luck I guess.' I think they did something right and we're very lucky to add Vincent to our force."

Ariano will join fellow rookie patrol officers Renata Sanches and Anthony Roman who were both hired in February as the newest members of the River Edge Police Department.

"This is a very proud day," Ariano said. "I'm very proud to wear this uniform.

A new contract signed with the PBA allows for a lower starting salary and longer period of time to reach top pay. For a new patrol officer the starting salary would be $27,775 but once benefits are added it comes to $44,285 per officer.

By 2013, the department will be looking to add two additional rookie patrol officers to offset at least the same number of retirements. The REPD could face up to nine retirements in the coming years as the department ages.

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