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State Report Reveals Minor Changes in RiverDell Crimes Statistics

The 2011 Uniform Crime Report showed a decrease in Oradell crimes but a slight increase in River Edge

Over the past three years, crime statistics in the River Dell area have continued to drop off in Oradell, but this year River Edge saw a slight uptick in its reported incidents. The New Jersey State Police released its 2011 Uniform Crime Report on Friday with statewide criminal reports rising 3-percent from 2010 to 2011.

According to the report, Oradell had 50 reported incidents in 2011, down from the prior year's 82 reports while River Edge had two additional incidents this past year for a total 110 reports. As part of the 2009 report, Oradell has seen an increase in the Crime Index Total from 48 incidents in 2008 to 68 in 2009. River Edge saw a decrease from 103 incidents in 2008 to 77 in 2009.

In Oradell, with approximately 7,978 residents and 20 officers on the police force, the 50 incidents were comprised of one violent crime (an aggravated assault) and 49 non-violent crimes (3 burglary, 44 thefts and two stolen motor vehicle).

2010's crime report showed one incident of violent crime and aggravated assault each, 81 incidents of property crime, nine burglaries, and 72 thefts in 2010. In  Oradell Police saw three violent crimes, one robbery, two aggravated assaults, five burglaries, 41 thefts, and two stolen motor vehicles in the borough. 

River Edge, which boasts a 22-officer police department for its 11,340 residents reported two violent crimes (one rape and one aggravated assault) as well as 108 non-violent crimes (35 burglaries, 66 thefts, six stolen motor vehicles and one arson).

The previous year's report stated that the borough had two incidents of violent crime (one rape, one aggravated assault), one stolen vehicle, 106 incidents of property crime, 17 burglaries and 88 thefts. In 2009, there were three violent crimes and aggravated assaults, 26 burglaries, and 48 thefts.

Overall, there were 217,073 reported crimes in New Jersey in 2011.

Murder rose 2-percent from 2010 to 2011, from 372 reported incidents to 380. Rape reports rose from 985 to 991, and robberies had the biggest jump from 11,859 to 12,216, the report showed.

Aggravated assault dropped 3-percent from 13,958 reports to 13,586.

“The latest crime data shows a slight increase in the overall crime rate in New Jersey,” New Jersey Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa said in a statement. “Although the factors that influence crime trends are complex and interwoven, we remain committed to working harder and smarter to combat crime and protect New Jersey citizens during what remains a tough economic time for much of our state and our nation.”

According to the report, there was a crime committed once every 2 minutes and 25 seconds in 2011, and males accounted for 69-percent of the arrests made.

A full copy of the 2011 Crime Index Report can be found here.

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