FBI Releases New Crime Index Report

Two boroughs see decrease in burglary and larceny theft, increase in car theft

Across the country, the number of incidents of violent crime are dropping and in the RiverDell area a similar pattern is emerging. In one year, River Edge and Oradell have seen decreases in burglary and larceny theft but there has been an increase the number of motor vehicle thefts according to the U.S. Department of Justice and FBI's 2010 Uniform Crime Report.

Oradell with its 20-man and 7,811 residents had one incident of violent crime and aggravated assault each, 81 incidents of property crime, nine burglaries, and 72 thefts in 2010.

The saw three violent crimes, one robbery, two aggravated assaults, five burglaries, 41 thefts, and two stolen motor vehicles in the borough. 

Down in River Edge, the 10,773 residents and 20-man had two incidents of violent crime, one report of rape, aggravated assault and motor vehicle theft each, 106 incidents of property crime, 17 burglaries and 88 thefts.

In 2009, there were three violent crimes and aggravated assaults, 26 burglaries, and 48 thefts.

On a national level, there was an estimated 1.2 million violent crimes reported to authorities in 2010, which was a six percent drop from the previous year. An estimated 9 million property crimes resulted in a 2.7 percent decrease.

According to the Report: robbery fell 10 percent, rape was down 5 percent and murder, non-negligent manslaughter and aggravated assault each decreased more than 4 percent.

In property crime offenses: motor vehicle thefts had the biggest decline ith 7.4 percent, burglaries were down 2 percent and larceny-thefts fell 2.4 percent.

A full copy of the 2010 Crime Index Report can be found here.


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