New Board Members and Hekemian Project Top Weekly News

Here are some of the top stories from River Dell this week

With three open seats on the Regional Board of Education, current sitting members unanimously appointed a trio of candidates to fill the vacancies on Monday night.

Anthony Barbary of River Edge will fill the seat left by Vito Acquafredda who was voted onto the River Edge Council during the November election. Alan Feigenson and Lori Locastro, both of Oradell were chosen to fill the the voids left when Michael Chakansky and Dorothea Durand resigned prior to the holidays.

Gallagher Takes Seat on Regional Board of Ed

By a 200-point margin, first time candidate Patrick Gallagher of Oradell won a seat on the River Dell Regional Board of Education in November. Along with uncontested River Edge incumbents Joe Manzelli and Claudia O'Neill, Gallagher officially joined the Board of Ed on Monday night.

Watson-Nichols Renamed Oradell Board President for Third Consecutive Year

By a unanimous decision, Oradell Board of Education trustee Dorothy Watson-Nichols returned to her role as Board President for the next year. At the same time, returning trustees Christine Robertson and Katherine Norian retook their seats while newcomer Andrew Oddo was also sworn in during Monday evenings reorganization meeting.

For the second consecutive year, an uncontested race has led to the all Republican status quo to remain in place in Oradell. Councilmembers James Koth and Donna Alonso were officially sworn in on Sunday afternoon after facing zero competition at the polls.

New Milford Rejects Motion To Consider Hekemian Revisions a New Application

The Zoning Board formally denied a .

Hekemian Addresses Revisions to Site Plan

During Tuesday's New Milford Zoning Board meeting, the applicant's attorney, Antimo "Andy" DelVecchio, informed the Board that the removal of 197 housing units from the site plan of the United Water property was done to satisfy their concerns regarding the high density of the residential portion of the project.

The residential component of the original site plan included 221 multi-family units with a four-story parking garage that included 428 parking spaces. The revised plans call for 24 fair market housing units and 54 perimeter parking spaces.

Father of Suicide Victim Calls for Students to Stand Against Bullying

A decade has passed for John Halligan since his 13-year-old son Ryan committed suicide after being subjected to years of cyberbullying and bullying in school. On Wednesday, Halligan spent the morning with eighth grade students from River Dell Middle School and St. Peter's Academy talking about Ryan, the impact of bullying and teen suicide.

Crusader's Senior Picks Up Scholarship from SFIC

Bergen Catholic senior Connor Von Cleave may currently holdthe Crusaders title of free throw stat leader with a perfect record from the foul line, but the Norwood resident got an added bonus last weekend. Von Cleave received a scholarship fund following the January 6 Scholarship Fund for Inner-City Children Basketball Festival at Kean University.

For 48 years, the River Edge Girls Athletic League (REGAL) has been providing young girls in the borough various opportunities for athletic instruction with a focus on fun, good sportsmanship and teamwork in a competitive atmosphere. And with four sports to choose from, REGAL is now expanding its running programs to allow future athletes from fourth through eighth grade to compete as well as welcoming Oradell seventh/eighth graders onto the basketball court.

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