Generator Replacement Costs Include Extensive Labor Costs

Engineer Kenneth DelPercio suggested two options to install a better back-up generator for the Public Safety/Borough Hall complex

Anytime the power goes out in River Edge, the and attempt to keep services running on a 45-kilowatt generator, but more often than not the generator can not handle the borough's needs.

On Monday night, engineer Kenneth DelPercio presented two options on upgrading the current system: a labor intensive cost for a 250-kilowatt generator to cover both buildings or a 175-kilowatt system to only cover the .

"Back in October the borough has us begin investigating and design upgrades to the generator system," DelPercio said. "The existing generator presently has two panels and covers some of the police area since it's located in the basement of the department."

To install a generator to cover both buildings, the generator itself would be located in the parking area outside of borough hall but would require a lengthy shut down of power to both buildings by PSE&G during installation. The overall cost of $190,000 includes placing a service disconnect switch and automatic transfer switch on the exterior of borough hall.

The power shutdown for installation could take between four to six hours, but the work would be done overnight so as to not interrupt services. The police department would be running in the current 45-kilowatt generator during the change over.

According to DelPercio, the 250-kilowatt generator is the recommended option but presented a second configuration because of the cost expense involved due to the extensive labor.

"An alternate option for a 175-kilowatt generator would be for the police department only," DelPercio said. "This is more advantageous because of the adequate head room and wall space to run the connections. There would be no PSE&G shut down required."

To outfit the police department only with a generator would run the borough $150,000.

No decision has been made at this time on what option will be pursued as Borough Administrator Alan Negreann requested time to review several ordinances and determine what funding is actually available.

Dr.Doom February 10, 2012 at 03:32 AM
How much exactly RE paying for the install, looks like around $100K. Also the price difference between 2 options is the price difference between the generator cost, looks like install cost is the same - $100K Following are the generator prices for different brands (quite consistent accross the board): Pramac SU201LPA004 GSW200P Diesel 3 Phase 277/480V 178kW - $45K Generac Commercial 150kW (Alum) LP 208V 3 Phase - $30K Caterpillar C9 300kW generator - $80K


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