Full Power Restorations Should Be Completed By End of Week

Latest work plan from PSE&G shows almost 2,000 River Dell residents still without power as of Tuesday, Nov. 6.

The latest work plan from PSE&G shows that the majority of the 1,400 plus customers in Oradell and almost 600 in River Edge, still in the dark for more than a week now, should have power returned before the end of the week.

According to a work plan released on Thursday, PSE&G reports that there are 1,482 Oradell residents and 595 in River Edge still without power in Paramus.

The work plan dated Tuesday, Nov. 6 shows PSE&G plans to restore power in Oradell to 135 customers on Tuesday, 179 on Wednesday, 223 on Thursday, 662 on Friday and 199 by Saturday.

The plan for River Edge is to restore 59 customers on Tuesday, 74 on Wednesday, 92 on Thursday, 259 on Friday and 78 by Saturday

There are no specific plans provided as to which areas they will be serviced first.

According to PSE&G the plan is to have all customers back in service by Friday and the majority before then.

Automated systems will most likely continue to provide the November 9 restoration date. Residents should continue to report gas leaks, downed wires or other hazardous condition, that you have no heat, or to report a new no power order, by calling 800-436-7734. 

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