Feldstein Discusses Jewish Spirituality in Children at Teaneck Lecture

River Edge Rabbi Paula Feldstein will be one of 20 speakers during Feb. 2's Sweet Tastes of Torah Community Night of Learning in Teaneck

What does Jewish tradition says about educating children and what contemporary thinkers have written about spiritual and emotional development?

Rabbi Paula Feldstein, education director at Temple Avodat Shalom, River Edge, will explore that very question as one of 20 speakers during Sweet Tastes of Torah's Community Night of Learning on Feb. 2 at Teaneck's Temple Emeth from 6:15-10:30pm.

Feldstein, the author of The Tot Shabbat Handbook: A Practical Guide for Engaging Young Families in Congregational Life, will focus her lecture on helping children find their place at Sinai.

Sweet Tastes of Torah, a community night of learning presented by the North Jersey Board of Rabbis (NJBR), offers a smorgasbord of study, discussion, and fun, with 22 one-hour classes to choose from taught by members of the NJBR.

Additional lectures will be given by:

  • Rabbid David Bockman (Disappearing Mountain: a Sondheim Sinai), 
  • Rabbi Fred Elias (The Lighted Path of Torah Learning), 
  • Rabbi Shammai Engelmayer (Rules of the Road: How Revalation Informs the Way We Live Our Lives), 
  • Rabbi Emeritus Gerald Friedman (Schlom Carelbach's Favorite Niggun), 
  • Rabbi Steve Golden (Did the Patriachs Observe Torah), 
  • Rabbi Ellen Jaffe-Gill (Jewish Women on the Small Screen: Unpacking Images of TV's Jewish Mothers and Single Gals),
  • Rabbi Randall Mark (Understanding the Mystical: What Was Given at Sinai?).
  • Rabbi Debra Orenstein (Who Stood at Sinai?),
  • Rabbi Joel Potkowsky (Revelation to Modernity: How Do Modern Jews Understand Information from 3,000 Years Ago?),
  • Rabbi Joseph Prouser (American Democracy in the Rich Soil of Sinai),
  • Rabbi Ronald Roth (The Ten Commandments: Come and Learn with a Tricky Quiz),
  • Rabbi Gloria Rubin (Is There Proof That God is Real?),
  • Rabbi Halina Rubinstein (Reconstructing Sinai),
  • Rabbi Barry Schwartz (From Athens to Jerusalem: An Archeological Slideshow and Philosophical Discussion),
  • Rabbi Neil Tow (The Sensory Experience at Sinai),
  • Rabbi David Widzer (A Modern Take on Torah),
  • Rabbi Jonathan Woll (Harold Kushner's "Job": Does God Have a Job Description),
  • Rabbi Baruch Zeilicovich (In What Kind of God Do We Believe?).

There will also be a panel discussion on "Is Torah from Sinai or from Zion? Diaspora vs. Israel as Spiritual Center" with Rabbi Benjamin Shull, Rabbi Debra Orenstein, Rabbi Joe Pitkowsky and Rabbi Ziona Zelazo.

Those interested in attending the Community Night of Learning can register online at jfnnj.org/sweettorah for $15 per person (prior to January 31, credit card only) or pay $20 at the door. Pre-registration checks, payable to the North Jersey Board of Rabbis, can me mailed to 32 Franklin Place, Glen Rock, NJ 07452.


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