Discussion of Bonfiglio's Contract and Zoning/Planning Merger Take Place This Week

Here's a sneak peek of what's coming up in River Dell this week

MONDAY: The River Dell Board of Education has an 8pm at the high school to discuss the contract changes for Thomas Bonfiglio. Bonfiglio as the Assistant Superintendent of Business/Board Secretary and if the Board agrees, his title would be amended to Assistant Superintendent/Board Secretary.

TUESDAY: The River Edge Local PBA 201 will dedicate its outside of Borough Hall at 2pm in honor of Sept. 11 while Oradell hosts a ceremony of remembrance and patriotic unity at 6pm. The Mayor and Council are scheduled to meet at 7pm for a work session.

WEDNESDAY: There is a Special Public Meeting of the Mayor and Council to give the public the opportunity to discuss and to voice their opinion on the possible merger of the Planning and Zoning Board into a Joint Land Use Board at 7pm in Council Chambers. The purpose of the meeting is to hear the comments and/or concerns of board members and residents regrading this issue. 

Games of the Week

River Dell

  • Volleyball vs. Mahwah, Monday 4:15pm
  • Tennis vs. Mahwah, Monday 4:15pm
  • Girls Soccer at Mahwah, Monday 6:30pm
  • Boys Soccer at Mahwah, Tuesday 6pm
  • Cross Country vs. Westwood (at Garrett Mountain), Tuesday 4:45pm
  • Field Hockey vs. Old Tappan, Wednesday 4:15pm
  • Girls Soccer vs. Westwood, Wednesday 6:30pm
  • Boys Soccer at Westwood, Thursday 4:15pm
  • Tennis at Pascack Hills, Friday 4pm
  • Girls Soccer at Pascack Hills, Friday 4:15pm
  • Field Hockey vs. Westwood, Friday 4:15pm
  • Football at Mahwah, Friday 7pm
  • Boys Soccer vs. Pascack Hills, Saturday 11am

Bergen Catholic

  • Soccer at Westfield, Tuesday 4pm
  • Soccer at St. Joseph Regional (Montvale), Thursday 4:15pm
  • Football at Bishop Gorman (in Las Vegas), Friday 10pm
  • Soccer at Paramus Catholic, Saturday 10am

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Mike Gardner September 10, 2012 at 02:17 PM
Taking into account the recent reports and comments about our District's decline in rankings, Mr. Bonfiglio's position change shouldn't be a priority at this time. Do we need the position given there are only approximately 11 Asst. Supt. positions in Bergen County. Should this Board agree to pay an Assistant Superintendent an amount that exceeds the Statutory/Regulatory compensation that was set for the Superintendent position for our district based on our current enrollment numbers? Many school administrators and most private sector employees have accepted and/or were given 0% increases during these tough economic times (greater than 8% unemployment) yet Mr. Bonfiglio is receiving over a $3,000. increase if the River Dell Board of Education votes to approve the position change. This is not the time to be changing the name of a position nor is it the time for paying an increase to an administrator that exceeds $3,000.
NO TO TAX HIKE September 10, 2012 at 03:52 PM
Well, the pay raise can be linked to results achieved in saving. Please prove the efficiency savings first, then, the raise may be considered.
lucky September 10, 2012 at 05:36 PM
and please check the savings are not in the energy line - after the mild winter we had last year, lets not give Mr. Bonfiglio credit for those savings. Lets also not forget that we have to employ a secretary to take minutes at the RDBOE meetings because for some reason, Mr. Bonfiglio isn't able to take the minutes - a job that every other school board secretary I know of does themselves!
Concerned Citizen September 11, 2012 at 04:30 AM
This administration needs to come to a meeting with answers as to why their district with all these laptops fell 77 places in the rankings....not even in the top 100 anymore....before they give the BA a title change and a raise. The superintendent seems to have no problem sidestepping the salary regulations that the Governor of NJ has put into place. First giving himself a raise and now paying our BA more than what the state says our superintendent should earn. And this RE controlled BOE just blindly follows along.....while the level of service our kids are getting is just given lip service. All sizzle...no steak.
Concerned Citizen September 11, 2012 at 01:34 PM
I don't have an issue with The Patch editing my original comment as it was written with some sarcasm. But the point is valid. The people of Oradell need to know that they elected a board member who "just says yes" to whatever the administration wants. Whether it's out of professional curtesy or alterier motives, it's never good good to not ask questions. Just because you know someone doesn't mean they'll ask the hard questions on a Board of Ed. At the next election educate yourselves before you vote. Think "Who's asking hard questions and looking out for my kids and my money" before you "pull the lever."
Eamon Harbord (Editor) September 11, 2012 at 02:44 PM
@Concerned - I can not edit your comments, so please explain to me how it was changed. Thanks, Eamon


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