What Changes Would You Like in Oradell, River Edge in 2014?

What's on your wish list for Oradell and River Edge in the coming year?

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If you could change anything in Oradell and River Edge, what would it be? 

Do you love your schools? How is business in town? Is your government responsive? How do you feel about taxes, government services? 

Which changes in town are your favorites? Which ones are you not so happy with? What do you think is being neglected?

Please post and tell what's on your wish list for Oradell and River Edge this year.
Snao Lear January 07, 2014 at 06:24 PM
This coming June my wife and I have decided to put our home of eight years on the market.Our eldest will be entering Middle School in the fall and its a good time to make the move.Oradell has not proven to be the place for us.From the schools to Government,we have decided we can do better for our money. Oradell is not a forward moving town and we fear this downward turn will continue.We have looked in a a few more northern towns in Bergen County and are seeing much more attractive communities .It seems Oradell has become a dumping ground for Hudson County types, and is not living up to our expectations of a "nice" town,in many aspects.It doesn't seem like it will happen either.


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