Webelos Team Up with Habitat Humanity for Engineering Badge

River Edge Pack 229's senior webelos recently visited the Oradell Habitat for Humanity project site

With the first building completely framed and the second partially complete, the Oradell Habitat for Humanity project recently welcomed a group of senior webelos from River Edge Pack 229 to the Lake Avenue construction site.

"These boys were anxious to meet our Habitat Bergen engineer from Omland Engineering Associates, Inc. at our Oradell housing project site to ask questions to attain their special achievement award for their engineer badges," Christina Dello Buono, Habitat's Director of Special Events & Marketing said.

Habitat's project will include two, 1,800 sq. ft. single-family dwellings separated by a dividing wall. Neither home will be built with a basement but each of the four families will have three bedrooms, two bathrooms and use of a two-car garage. The homes, designed so they will fit in with the surrounding neighborhood, will also be LEED certified. All appliances will be energy efficient and all water fixtures will be low flow.

These homes will be sold to first time homeowners through Habitat for Humanity's selection process. These families will not be solely low-income families, but the goal is to have the four units for a mix of low and mid-level income families looking to become homeowners. The chosen families are required to participate in the construction process along with volunteers as part of their sweat equity.

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