SOD Takes Protest March To Borough Hall

Over 100 residents turn out to turn up the heat on stopping over development.

New Milford came out in full force Monday protesting the proposed mixed-use development of the United Water property that includes a 70,500 sq. ft. supermarket, 4300 sq. ft. bank and a 221 unit townhouse complex, 40 units reserved to meet the town's COAH requirement, that includes a four-story parking garage. 

Over 100 residents, many with children, some with bullhorns, packed the sidewalk in front of Borough Hall on River Road holding signs asking the Mayor and Council to join them in their fight to keep the United Water property as open space and agree to hold off on rezoning it until the application has run its course through the Zoning Board.

Arguing for letting the application run its course through the Zoning Board, SOD member John DeSantis said, "In nine months if the mayor and council offered the same (rezoning) deal to Hekemian, he'd still accept it."  

"If they rezone it now, they're just giving (Hekemian) what he wanted from the beginning," DeSantis said.

SOD's Executive Director, Miriam Pickett, was more than pleased with the turnout.

"I am so pleased with tonight's turnout," Pickett said. "It's proof to the Mayor and Council that we are not going away. We will do everything we can to fight the development of this property."  


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